Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Consequences of Leaving your Study Abroad Program Early

A number of students aspire to study in a foreign location where they can go on to make it a memorable phase of life along with developing essential skills such as a global outlook. With the sheer number of opportunities and ease of financing, such dreams are becoming a reality for many. However, every once in a blue moon a student may realise that he has been craving the comforts of his own home, suggests an overseas education consultant in Ahmedabad. They may decide to leave the entire program itself without completing it. 

Why Leave the Program?

When faced with elements beyond their control such as a sickness or injury, or even a mentally disturbing experience can push students towards quitting. Often, it may not even be the student themselves but a family member facing tough situations that makes a student want to go back. This decision is not an easy one and hence must take into consideration the following before actually finalising on their decision:

Gauge the Homesickness

Before you cut this wonderful experience short, try and understand the cause behind your sudden withdrawal. Feelings stem from another thought or problem, and taking care of that situation may cause you to feel differently about leaving. If you miss home and cannot adjust to the new lifestyle, give yourself some time. Finding food similar to that you get back home or learning the local language may help you feel more involved in your new environment. While missing home is not a forbidden thing, you need to take into account the resources you would be wasting by not completing your program.

Academic Consequences

Before you actually up and quit the program, find out the academic consequences of such a decision. You may have to give up your credits if you wish to leave for a long time which will only add to your debt and delay your graduation date. Instead of actually quitting the program, find some alternatives such as an online course that can help you complete your course or transferring credits. This can help you get through without having a large scale impact on your academic scores. For those who have to reconsider staying abroad due to medical reasons may be able to obtain a way in which they can pursue the degree through digital modes as well.

The Financial Consideration

Make sure you are completely aware of the financial consequences of leaving the program early. Not only will you have to forgo the amount you pay in terms of tuition and fees, but even the financial aid package and such gets affected. You do not want to find yourself without a degree as well as debt.

Reaching Out for Help

There are a number of ways you can deal with situations without quitting the program. If you find yourself feeling depressed or lonely, join a self-help group, organisation or association where people in similar situations help each other out. You can also put your free time to use by volunteering or finding other opportunities. This will help you feel less lonely instead of leaving you with time to feel sad. Even after trying out all these methods, if you feel as If you cannot handle the pressure or must go back home, you could always take a class at a community college or look for local opportunities. Do not think of it as a failure as long as you gave it your best. 


Studying away from home can be a tough and challenging decision. If you are feeling homesick or must go back home, here are some guiding tips to get you through these times.


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