Friday, July 20, 2018

Documents Required for International College Admission | Admission Checklist

Are you about to send or submit the documents to the college that you want to get into? Before you do that, go through the following list of documents to ensure you have all the correlated documents preceding your school due dates.

Here is the List of Document that Most of the Colleges Require

Application form(s)

It is important to go through the application guidelines altogether, particularly the essential items and relevant documents for your stream. Fill every section precisely and re-checking for any mistakes. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or concerns send an email to the suitable office at the University for clarity.


Supplemental Form(s)

Ensure you have all the necessary application frames. For instance, if you are an undergrad student applying to universities in the U.S., apart from the Common Application, you might be requested to fill a supplemental form. Go through every school's site to check whether they have this prerequisite.

Application Fees

These can differ by University and range from $20 to $250. Do check if you are eligible for any kind of scholarship. For instance, candidates for a full-time MBA at an East Coast University can apply for an expense waiver in the event that they meet certain criteria, including a GMAT score of no less than 670 and at least 4 years of work experience.

Test Scores

You should send the official reports of the exam(s) your organization requires straightforwardly from the official reporting office. At the undergrad level this might be your ACT/SAT I/SAT II scores and at the postgraduate level this could be your GRE/GMAT scores.


Most organizations require official copy of grades for subjects taken up in School (for students) or College (for postgraduates). A few Universities may request that you utilize an academic credit verification service for a course by course report.

Statements of Purpose

Every school has their own necessities with regards to essays. Thus, ensure your papers portray that you are the right fit.

Letter(s) of Recommendation

Share the due dates of submission of the letters to the recommenders and remind them as the due dates get nearer. It would be ideal if you make sure to compose a formal thank you letter/email to your recommender(s) afterwards.


Ensure that your resume gives a description of all your scholarly, professional and individual achievements.

Extra prerequisites

If you are applying to a program that needs extra materials e.g. portfolio, guarantee you have met every one of their details.


It is your last stride in the application procedure. Ensure that you invest enough time and energy preparing for it, as this is the point at which you truly can convince the admission board and get into the college that you like Once every one of these things are confirmed on your rundown and you are prepared to press "SUBMIT", double check one final time or have another person edit it to ensure no exclusions, spelling errors or senseless oversights have wormed in. One can also hire the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore.

Before submitting the application form, check if all the documents are in place.


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