Thursday, April 14, 2016

Top Questions to Ask your Study Abroad Consultant

Most of the students applying to study abroad do it through a study abroad consultant and the present trend confirms so. However, not all these consultants are reliable. An in-depth research, however, would help you find the right service-provider who will rightly guide you through the process of preparing and submitting application to the foreign university of your choice. If you are based in the Nizam’s city, try to meet one of the best study abroad consultants in Hyderabad and get all your queries regarding overseas education solved. But, what are the questions that you should place before your study abroad consultant? Browse through this article to have an idea.

If you are planning to go abroad for completing an educational degree, you can consider asking the following questions to the chosen education consultant:

Are You Eligible for Overseas Education?

Ask the consultant if you are eligible for pursuing your education abroad. Different universities have different eligibility requirements and the consultant has a good knowledge about these specific requirements. He will go through your academic documents to tell you if you fit a program in the university of your choice. Do not forget that you would require a statement of purpose or a letter of recommendation. Talk to your home university and ensure that these documents are easily available to fulfill all the requirements by the time you want to leave for studying abroad.

Probably one of the most difficult tasks an Indian student faces is that of writing a great Statement of Purpose while applying for  abroad. Almost all universities will require you to write a SOP.

Can You Apply for the Course I Prefer?

There are many educational universities that do not recognize the degrees offered by the Indian universities. You should ask your consultant if you are eligible for the program of your choice. Remember, you should be very careful while choosing to apply in a university and make sure that the institute recognizes your degrees and you need not pursue a bridge course for being eligible for your preferred program. The foreign institutions change your exam scores to GPA. The minimum GPA should be between 2.50 to 3.0 though the top colleges ask for GPA between 3.0 and 4.0. You should be aware of this conversion being performed.

How Much Will the Chosen Program Cost?

Do not forget to ask the consultant about the approximate cost of the program of your choice. The total cost of a course usually depends on several factors like your destination city, personal expenses, course fee and cost of living in that city. Remember, the state universities charge lesser than that charged by the private institutions. Enquire if you are eligible for applying in a state university. Ask the consultant to compare the course fees of different universities.

Are Scholarships Available?

Enquire about the availability of abroad scholarships for the program of your choice. Scholarships are often funded by the college and sometimes by independent corporates to enable the students to pursue their education without being worried about the costs incurred. Ask your consultant if you can apply for any of such scholarships. Ask about the criteria for availing the scholarships. There are scholarships that require you to appear for an entrance exam. Gather details about the exam if you need to sit for it.

Considering how competitive these Scholarships applications are, you want to invest some quality time in making sure your application is just right....

How Long Can You Stay Overseas?

If you are not sure about how long a student visa will allow you to stay in the country of your choice on completion of the course, ask your consultant about it. Ask if you can stay back for a couple of months after completing your course. Your consultant needs to be knowledgeable enough to provide you with detailed information regarding your student visa and its regulations.

Choosing one of the best study abroad consultants would help you get clear answers to all these questions and prepare for studying in an overseas institution.

Summary: This article enlists a couple of questions that should be asked to a study abroad consultant. Getting proper answers to these questions is important before applying for a course in a foreign university.


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