Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Student’s Guide to Surviving Long Flights

The enthusiasm of travelling to a new destination will only get you so far if you do not prepare for your flight in advance. Here are our tips to surviving this long ordeal as recounted by the best study abroad consultants in India:

The Appropriate Armor

One of the most important things you need to be sure of is that you are dressed as comfortably as possible for this long, seemingly never ending journey. As tempting as it is to dress your best, three hours into the flight and you will be sorely regretting your decision. Loose fit pants and comfortable tops can be combined to make the perfect outfit that does not involve a compromise to your comfort. It is also safer to carry a sweatshirt in case it gets too cold in-flight for you.

Make Friends, As Many As You Can

The flight has taken off, the seatbelt signs have been turned off. The two people sitting immediately next to you are lost obliviously in their own world. You are contemplating on whether you should try to have a conversation or simply rely on the in-flight entertainment for the next fifteen hours. However, don't be afraid to try and break the ice with a person sitting somewhere near you. Not only will it save you from awkward periods of silence punctuated with stares, but can also turn into a budding friendship. Try to be as polite as possible to the hostesses and any other staff. You never know you may find yourself with an extra dessert with your meal. A smile and some appreciation can get you a long way in the world.

Know Your Stomach and Body

If you have a sensitive stomach or are allergic to certain foods, make sure you take the right steps. While airlines are happy to provide you with allergy specific meals as long as you give them notice in advance. Avoid foods that may not agree with you such as coffee as there can be nothing worse than an upset stomach on a long flight. Switch to ginger ale or fruit and save yourself the trouble. It may also be a good idea to carry some of your own snacks in case you cannot find anything else.

Carry Your Own Entertainment

Don't rely on airlines provided entertainment for such long flights. Instead, try to carry your own at least as backup. Books, electronic music devices that comply with the airline regulations and screens that can be put on air flight mode may save you in case the entertainment system goes down.

Dealing with a Sinus, Headache, Cramp or Popping Ears

Cabin pressure related discomforts can be one of the worse things to deal with. From ears that do not pop to sinus related stuff noses, talk to your physician and prepare for such situations in advance. While cabin crew will try to make the journey as comfortable as possible, best study abroad consultants in India recommend students to take their own measures.

As long as you take care of the above-mentioned basics, you can be rest assured your long flight doesn't seem as bad!

Travelling to your study abroad destination or back home may often require flights that are almost a day long. here are some of our best tips and tricks that can help you ensure it progresses as smoothly and quickly as possible!


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