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Choosing Between MBA in the US Versus MBA in Europe

Like other Indian students who want to do MBA, are you also confused about whether you should study in USA or Europe? You wouldn’t have been in two minds if you had to choose between them a few years back when USA was the clear winner in this option. However, today both these destinations have something unique about them for you. To understand which is better for your needs, you have to analyze a few parameters in your context. After all, if the big business schools of the USA increase your brand identity, the European management schools adds more weight to your image.

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Here is some critical information as regards to the provision of MBA programs in these countries. What you can do is go through the details, compare these two options and then take a call.

It’s About Doing a Long or a Short Course

The business schools in USA conduct two years course. Nevertheless, if you wish you can do it in 16 months as well by working in summer. The benefit of doing long course is that you get enough time to work on your projects and focus on your learning. Although to do a long program, you need to have resources and favorable circumstances. These courses are comparatively expensive here.
The MBA programs in European countries can be done in 10 months. It means you have to put a lot of effort and be committed. If you are fine with this, then there is nothing like completing an expensive program such as MBA in short time.

Different Cultures Create Different Type of Impact on Personality

While American management schools are known for producing entrepreneurs across different fields, European business schools are talked about for harnessing people with excellence for consultancy career. In the USA, you will meet supercharged personalities who aspire to be an entrepreneur and in Europe, you will get to mingle with different types of people with different set of interests. So, where you will be more comfortable is up to you to decide. Just remember no matter which destination you choose, you will get a competitive edge.

The Style of Teaching Also Matters

European business schools empathize on classroom style of teaching, where students are frequently tutored. In contrast, American management schools allow learners a great deal of free time so that they can chase their interest areas. Apart from this, grading system and nature of assignments may also vary. You have to decide which teaching style will be more effective for you.

To be precise, you have to mull over these and some other key areas before you apply for MBA anywhere. Both these countries have top ranking business schools in the world, but this cannot serve as a sole criterion behind your choice. On the basis of all these only you can get a fair idea of which place is really meant for you – whether you should study in USA or Europe.You need to think through their course content, placement opportunities and student reviews deeply along with other factors.

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