Thursday, March 9, 2017

Top Scholarship Application Pitfalls

Scholarship Application Pitfalls

Winning scholarships may seem to be simple task. To many it’s nothing but applying for one and waiting for the money to roll in. But then, things aren’t that simpler always. Study abroad scholarships need a lot hard work, and you need to pay attention to detail so as to keep away from common pitfalls. Assuming that you are aware of the fundamentals, i.e. make your application on time, fill up the form carefully and ensure that you get along with the eligibility criteria. However, in addition to these, there are some common scholarship applications mistakes that you need to keep away from. These include:

  • Don't Aim for Everything: One of the major mistakes that students tend to make it they apply for each and every scholarship. But then, this isn’t the right approach to proceed with. Instead, look for one to two high-dollar scholarships. More specifically, you need to follow a strategy. And then, don’t bank on winning only a big scholarship, which will cover everything, and don’t settle for everything at the same time. Instead, decided on the best ones and fill up your form(s) carefully.
  • Make sure you do your work yourself: There may be times, when your parents will continuously pester you that they’ll fill up the application form themselves. But then, make sure you don’t allow them to do so. After all, when you are about to step into college, it indicates that you are grown up to make a decision. Take the first leap by doing your work on your own. It is true that you may need your parent’s guidance, but then, it is you who will decide the specifics required for the scholarship applications. For instance, you may also have to sit for an interview so as to apply for a scholarship. Hence, if your parents fill up the application form, you may get blindsided at the time of the interview.
  • Avoid Reusing Essays: Reusing the essay repeatedly won’t do the trick. Your judges are efficient enough to find out when you have only changed the name and when you have actually put in your efforts. Hence, make sure to come up with great essay works that reflect you as well as your objective for the scholarship program(s) you are applying for. Ensure to keep the introduction part appealing enough and don’t try to astound with unusual big words, which you could misuse. On rare cases, if you wish to recycle an existing essay which possibly meets your present prompt, ensure to freshen it up.
  • Make sure to revise the details prior to making a submission: For most scholarship programs, you have the option to either make an online application or through an email. However, once you click the SEND button, there’s no option to make any changes. While emailing an application, ensure to include the correct address. And make sure to cross check before finally sending the application form. 
  • Avoid spending money to make money: There’s no point in paying for a scholarship program. For instance, if somebody assures you that by paying an application fee or other fee, you’ll get a scholarship, and then it’s nothing but a scam.
  • There’s no point in believing in the last-minute game: You may have confidence in working under pressure, but then, make sure not to wait till the last minute while applying for a scholarship. Make sure you have enough time to study the application form and fill it up with no mistakes. Applying for a scholarship program on the final day of the deadline may even convey negative messages to a company.

The article educates you about the common mistakes that you should avoid so as to set up a successful future.

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