Thursday, April 20, 2017

Top Advantages of Pursuing a Degree Abroad

Studying abroad especially in places such as United States of America, Australia, Britain etc, has always been a dream for Indians. The quality of education there is nothing short of excellent and one is virtually assured of a position in any well-known company or educational institution both in India and the west.  There are plenty of reasons why Indian students go abroad to study.

According to some sources there were more than 1 lakh Indian students in the United States of America. There are tons of scholarships available for Indian  students to avail themselves in their quest for to obtain  a seat in an educational institution abroad.

Overseas education consultants in Delhi are very good sources to assess application requirements, courses available, scholarship options, competitive entrance exams to give among other things. That said, if you are still unsure about your decision to study abroad, here are a few advantages that the consultants will list out to you –

• Preparing Students for Jobs

An education abroad goes beyond the curriculum. They help their students look at what goes around in the world and try and understand them. This is good preparation for any interview.

A lot of great educational institutions like Harvard or Yale or London School of Economics(LSE) have tie-ups with internationally renowned firms. As a result many of their intern there and these are paid internships. There are summer and winter internships. At the end of the day it is only the student who gains.

• Plenty of Research Opportunities

In India conducting research can be a headache. There is either a lack of funding or a lack of opportunities, although India is a country which offers a lot of scope for research.
It is well-known that research opportunities in the USA and UK are far better than in India. This is probably the biggest reason for Indian students migrating abroad. A lot of Indian students after the completion of their research stay back as faculty members.

• Tons of Career Benefits

Imagine receiving an MBA from a renowned institute like the Kellogg School of Management or Harvard Business School than a smaller Indian college. One is guaranteed a place in a well-established organisation. Also, the job offered will enhance your career in every way and the starting salary will be much more than any other place. It does not mean that a degree from an Indian college will not help a candidate but a degree from a prestigious college is worth a lot more.

It is a fact that employers prefer candidates who come armed with a degree from a college in high-ranking college. Also, if your academic scores are good and you have internship or work experience the door is opened for you with both hands. In addition to this studying abroad gives students the chance to get a job in that country.

Countries such as New Zealand provide a one-year extension as a part of your student visa to help graduates find a job in New Zealand. To sum it up an international degree means more job opportunities and a better salary!

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