Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Top Internship Programs for MBA Students

An MBA is incomplete without hands-on training. Experiential training can be achieved in several, from part-time jobs to internships. Not only for students but an education consultant in Pune will tell you that internships help fresh graduates or anyone looking for industrial training to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related to a specific career.

Here are the top internship opportunities that MBA students can take advantage of:

* Toyota Intern Program
Every year, Toyota chooses eight to twelve MBA students for their summer internship program, where they have opportunities in marketing, strategic planning, and finance. More information is available on the website of Toyota.

* Sony Global Internships
Sony recruits undergraduate, postgraduate, and MBA students for their global internship program. Upon completion of the program, interns also stand the chance of being employed at Sony companies. Students need to register and upload their résumé on Sony's website.

* Verizon College Intern Program
The Verizon College Intern Program for undergraduate and postgraduate business and technical majors provides opportunities that include professional skill workshops, online training, and networking. Students need to visit the college website to know about submission guidelines.

* Sun Internship Program
The internship program offered by Sun is open to business students majoring in computer science, engineering, marketing finance, human resources, business administration and information systems. Interns get development opportunities, career services, project-based assignments, and also competitive compensation packages.

* DOL MBA Internship Program
The Department of Labor's internship opportunity serves as a recruitment source for certain departments. The program offers academic credits, experiential training, networking opportunities, and more. More information about credits and compensation is available on the official website.

* PARC MBA Internship Program
The internship program by Palo Alto Research Center is for students in a two-year MBA program. A technological background is preferred but not mandatory. The program is aimed at students interested in research, commercialization, and technology entrepreneurship.

Progressive MBA Internship
The internship program offered by Progressive Insurance provides first year MBA students with hands-on experience in quantitative analysis. Students need to apply online on the company website.

* Mattel Internships
Mattel offers both undergraduate and MBA internships in design and engineering, and marketing and finance respectively. Interns get the benefit of a progressive environment and the same perks as employees.

* Wal-Mart MBA Internship Program
The internship program offered by Wal-Mart to first and second year MBA students is in the field of operations management, merchandising, finance, logistics, marketing, global procurement and international divisions. More information on the program and compensation is available on the website.

* The Hartford MBA Intern Program
A very selective program for first year MBA students, it helps students gain knowledge about senior level management, networking events and projects. 

Internships make it easy for MBA students to get familiar with the job market as well as learn the ropes of their prospective career. There are several other internship programs available across the globe and by talking to an education consultant in Pune, students can get more detailed information about the best intern programs around the world and the eligibility for them.

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