Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top Reasons to get an MBA from the UK

It is a good time to study MBA in UK. The country has widespread repute all over the world for more than hundreds of years of high quality educational history. With the same flexibility as offered by other MBA programs, most full-time programs in the UK take only one year to complete, while part-time programs- often the choice for working students- take two to three years. In recent times, international students also have the option of taking an online MBA course, without relocating. With more and more companies recognizing the value of a management degree, it makes perfect sense to get an MBA to boost your career.

Here are the top advantages of getting an MBA in UK:

1. Flexibility
The UK offers a number of MBA programs to cater to all kinds of students- working and non-working. There are full-time programs that require more time and dedication and there are part-time programs that offer more flexibility. There are also online courses and specialist MBAs, besides Executive MBA or EMBA programs for experienced managers. If you're from outside the UK, make sure you check before applying if the university accepts your degree.

2. Standard Admission Tests
Although some colleges in the UK may have their own admission tests, the standardized test for admission to any MBA program is the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) that is the common MBA admission test for most universities over the world. If you're from a non-English speaking country, then you have to pass an English language test. You either have to take the TOEFL or the IELTS, and there are various books and guides available to help you.

3. Scholarships
The cost of an MBA program can be quite expensive in the UK, and along with living costs, the amount you will have to spend can be very high. If you have an exceptional academic record, you may be eligible for various scholarships to take care of some of the expenses. London Business School, Henley Business School, and Manchester Business School are some of the institutes that offer various kinds of scholarships, including full funding.

4. Industry Exposure
All MBA programs in the UK offer excellent career services, including internships and industrial training. Many B-schools have corporate hot shots as guest speakers or lecturers and this leads to networking opportunities for students. Strong alumni network in most schools also results in better placement opportunities for students. Some of them even land job offers long before completing their course.

5. Prestige
An MBA degree from a leading international institute gets more preference from recruiters. When you get an MBA from a prestigious school in the UK, your résumé is sure to stand out among several other graduates. If you work hard enough and can be at the peak of the class, then there will be no stopping you from getting hired by a top organization. The value an MBA from the UK adds to your CV is immeasurable.

It is definitely a wise decision to study MBA in UK. For more information on B-schools, get in touch with an education counselor for details and guidance on how to proceed.


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