Tuesday, October 13, 2015

All you need to Know about the US Student Visa Application Process

The demand and interest in an educational degree from the USA has been steadily on the rise. Once a student has successfully overcome the arduous college application process and secured the offer letter, the time comes for a student visa, which will enable the student to enter and pursue their dream course in the foreign land.

The application process for a US student visa requires various documents, transcripts, testimonials, evidence of sufficient funds, but the most important part is the interview. Visa consultants in Chennai answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the visa application process:

Documents required

To qualify for a student visa, the individual must come to the US Consulate for a personal interview. In addition, the following documents are required:

• An I-20 form, Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status, issued by a US university proving your acceptance into a course at the university. The newer, bar coded form is required and it must be signed by both you and by a school/college official.

• Mark sheets, transcripts, and certificates of previously completed courses. These are required to ascertain your scores and if they are up to expected standards.

• In some cases, you may also need to produce your SAT, GRE, GMAT or other standardized US test scores.
• A very important factor that decides whether or not a student qualifies for the visa is financial evidence. It is essential to have the funds for financing your education and living costs. Students must prove that they have sufficient finances for the first year and funds for the subsequent years will also be available. Failure to produce financial evidence can results in rejection of application.

• Photo ID proofs are also required, mainly a valid passport.

Things to Remember before the Interview
The interview is where consular officers will decide whether or not you are eligible for the visa. Applicants must have all the required documents and produce them when asked for. In addition to producing financial evidence, applicants must also give sufficient reasons as to why they are eligible to get the visa satisfy and must satisfy the consular officer that they are going to return to the country after the completion of the program once their authorized temporary stay is over. Other areas such as honesty, self-confidence, communication, etc. are also measured during the interview on the basis of which an application may be approved or rejected.

Common Reasons for Rejection
There could be various reasons for rejection of visa application. These could range from failure to produce financial evidence to failure to satisfy the consular officer. There could be several other reasons for rejection of visa application, like wrong or misleading information, false documents, lying, and bad conduct during the interview.

Final words
Visa consultants in Chennai recommend that students must educate themselves on the visa application process and always follow the proper process listed on the consulate website in order to avoid paying extra fees.

It is natural to get stressed about the whole process. But being relaxed is the key to appearing confident and to better convince the officers about your application.

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