Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to Write a Statement of Purpose that is Impactful

Right from a very young age we are made to believe that we can be the best in the world. Study hard and achieve our dreams, work hard to reach those goals. However, what you weren’t told was it’s a mad world out there and to be the best you need to beat the rest. Competing takes a lot of effort.If you want to shine through you’ll need something impressive on your side. Getting into a great school takes more than determination to get selected. And if you want to study overseas, Chennai has a number of counsellors you can approach for help.

One of the first thing’s you’ll need to work on is a statement of purpose that creates a strong impact for a chance at getting selected.

Here’s what you need for an impressive statement of purpose:

Answer Tactfully
The first thing you want to do is read the university’s instructions carefully to understand what their asking. Once you get the picture plan your answers. Make sure you answer all of the questions asked and try to get in a little more information that goes beyond these questions. But do this in a subtle manner.

Introduce Yourself
When introducing yourself be professional. You will be talking about you and since you know a lot about who you are you might tend to go overboard. You need to be brief with your personal story. Look back at all your accomplishments, interests and motivations. Select the ones that will keep the reader interested and intriguedto knowing more about you.

Be Specific
If you’re too vague it doesn’t set you apart from the rest. Be specific about what inspires you, why have you chosen this school in particular, state your dreams and desires. Everyone wants to do something great with their lives but the great have always been specific about what they want to achieve.

Draw Attention
You won’t be the only one submitting a statement of purpose. Yours will be among hundreds of others. So keeping it interesting is very important. Be enthusiastic people are naturally attracted to an upbeat attitude. Confidence and politeness when addressing the school will go a long wayand simple English that is grammatically correct will leave a good impression too.But these are just the basics some people forget. What’s moreimportant is to be yourself. There’s no one like you which makes you unique. State how your diversity makes you stand out and how it can help you and the institute grow.

Prepare a Checklist

Make sure you’ve included points that state:

o The classes you’ve taken
o Your passion for the field you’ve chosen
o Your participation in extracurricular activities
o The reason you’ve chosen the school
o The professors who have helped you and whom you admire
o Any work of yours that has been published
o Major accomplishments
o Your current projects
o Have someone read your statement, like a teacher

Finally, also make it a point to look through samples or old statements of purpose online. Read a couple of them before writing your own, then use it as a template to create your own.

Apart from answering test papers writing a statement of purpose is one of the most important texts you will have to write during your academic career. With a dream to study overseas, Chennai is your best chance of making them come true. Don’t forget to do your research about the school you’re interested in because your knowledge about them will also play a part in how you write your statement.

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