Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to Write an Effective SOP While Applying to Universities Abroad

Probably one of the most difficult tasks an Indian student faces is that of writing a great Statement of Purpose (SOP) while applying to grad schools abroad. Our education system is more marks-oriented than application-based and even some of our best educational institutes admit students merely on their test results. However, a contradictory system prevails abroad, where you are expected to send in an application essay (popularly known as the SOP) and based on this, along with other aspects like grades and work experience, students are awarded coveted spots in the finest colleges.

Why you need an outstanding SOP?

While you’re applying to the world’s topmost programmes alongside thousands of other global applicants, standing out to the selectors and being chosen on the basis of an SOP is really tricky. Unless you make a lasting impression, your application will quickly be forgotten. Therefore, to get admission into the college of your dreams, wowing the faculty is imperative. The art of drafting a good SOP requires knowledge, time and patience. Overseas Education Consultants in Chennai are well-known for sharing expert tit-bits for drafting SOPs, and if you’re taking guidance from them, chances are that you’ll be one of the first selections.
Here are a few tips on how to be noticed on the basis of your SOP – 

1.    First Impressions Matter – Make sure that the opening paragraph is concise. It should ideally contain a summary of your application and be interesting enough for the reader to want to read further. It’s a good idea to incorporate a hook that talks about what motivated you to enter this field, and showcases your passion.

2.    Clarity is Key – It is an essential ingredient of every SOP to be clear and precisely to the point. However, at certain places, you may need to go in depth, especially if you’re talking about prospective research ideas.

3.    Don’t Boast – Often, students talk about how great they are and how much they have achieved. Give it a rest – you don’t want to come across as pompous. Humility is well-respected and speaks louder than empty phrases depicting your excellence or intelligence. Being honest and consistent is important. Let your passion for the course stand out without being overly vocal about it.

4.    Be different – Most applications read the same, with eager students talking about how it is their dream to get into that particular institution and how much they’ll learn from it. However, go further than that and provide some short stories and antecedents that keep them engrossed by your writing and thus, you will stand out. By this you can not only highlight your strengths without showing off, but also you can intrigue the reader and make them vouch for you, as against the monotonous SOPs. Dig deep within yourself and be introspective as to why you are looking forward to the course and to join the university.

5.    Stick to the Rules – Make sure that you adhere to all the regulations listed on the university’s website for applications, especially the word count. A really short SOP can be detrimental, but so can one that stretches beyond the accepted limit.

6.    Proofread – Pay absolute attention to detail and make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors at all – whether silly or otherwise.

7.    Ask for Help – Don’t be afraid to take expert help. As mentioned above, Overseas Education Consultants in Chennai are known to assist aspiring students to draft fabulous statements of purpose. Their faculty comes with years of experience in this field, helping you every step of the way, from exam preparation to visa formalities, so you have ample time to prepare yourself.

These tips come handy when it comes to writing a powerful SOP.

While many Indians wish to pursue higher studies abroad and are capable of studying at the best Universities, they often lack the guidance to write perfect SOPs which is an integral element of selection. This write up will help them draft effective SOPs for better chances of selection.

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