Monday, March 14, 2016

Effective Ways to Make your Study Abroad a More Affordable Endeavour

It is not uncommon for people to write off the idea of studying abroad simply because it is just too expensive. However, with a little bit of research and planning you can make your time abroad as a student rather affordable and worth the investment.
Make Studying Abroad More Affordable

How Much Will it Cost me to Study Abroad?

The cost of moving abroad for higher studies varies on the basis of the type and location of the program you choose. It also depends on the length of your stay and whether or not the program in question is administered by a university versus a third-party organization. To encourage more students to travel and study, universities around the world try to maintain a parity when it comes to costs.

By finding out how you can fund you studies, by let’s say, applying for scholarships for study abroad for instance, you will be able to make your international education a financially viable option.

Are you Eligible to Apply for Financial Aid?

When you are applying for a program abroad, check with your counselors if you are eligible to apply for any financial aid. If you already have some aid from your existing university or even employer, check if it can be transferred to a university abroad. The amount of the aid you receive may depend on the type of program you intend to pursue.

Apply for Scholarships

Most colleges offer a rather transparent framework for those who intend to apply for scholarships for study abroad opportunities. Visit the website of the universities you are applying to and get help from your counsellors to identify the different potential amounts available under various scholarship programs. Also make a note of the process and the application deadlines along with the terms, conditions and restrictions if any. You will be able to apply for general scholarships as well as special scholarships targeting diversity, first-generation immigrants and students in need of financial help.

Your Guide to Making a Scholarship Application

Choosing to Go Off the Beaten Track

This may prove to be an effective option for you especially if you are looking at pursuing a specialized course that is offered in less popular destinations around the way. This way, you will be able to keep your cost of living under check and enjoy the opportunity of living in an exotic location that isn’t popular among many other students. Ask your counselor to help you assess the exchange rates along with the cost of living statistics of various countries around the world offering the program you are interested in. Pick a country that offers a favorable trade-off between good quality teaching infrastructure and cost-efficiency.

Finally, if your objective behind moving abroad for higher education is to get a few months of independence and a chance to get some global exposure, a short course too can help you achieve these things. Short courses can last anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months depending on what it is that you are doing. These courses tend to be less expensive and provide the benefit of a global student life.


This blog talks about the different ways in which you can make your study abroad experience an affordable one.

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