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How to Improve Your Chances of Getting into a Top International B-School?

If you want to study abroad and wish to see yourself as a successful business management professional, getting into a top international B-school would fulfill your dreams. Students completing their MBA from celebrated B-schools are highly valued in the international job market. But, the reality is, getting admission in a top-notch business schools and universities is not so easy. You need to put in a lot of effort to qualify for admission. You can seek suggestions from the study abroad consultants how to improve your chances of getting into a premier international business school. This blog provides you with a few useful tips.

Push Up Your Admission Chances: A Few Tips

Check out the following tips:

Try to Score Well in GMAT:

Preparing for GMAT is more difficult than studying for an exam assessing your ability to reproduce information that you learned. In GMAT, questions are given to assess your reasoning power-a capability that enhances with practice. Thus, it may require a couple of months to prepare yourself for GMAT. Thus, it is important to schedule your exam appointment much before school application deadlines.

Remember, the higher you score, the better it is. If you have confidence in yourself, you can study on your own, take mock tests and try your improve your performance in those tests. You can also seek help from institutes for scoring well in GMAT

Focus on Writing Good MBA Essays:

Even a very high GMAT score may fail to get into a first-rated B-school, if you cannot write a good B-school application essay. GMAT scores definitely plays an important role in getting into a good business school, but it is not the sole deciding factor. The admission committee wants to know you better than what your score and resume tell them. A well-written application essay can serve the purpose by revealing your personality before the admission committee.

Use your essay as the means to showcase your strength and explicate your weaknesses. Your essay should be concrete enough to convince the admission committee that you have the ability and talent to excel in the program.

Letters of Recommendation Plays a Big Role:

You need to get two recommendations from those who are well aware of your abilities and are ready to vouch for you. For example: a letter of recommendation from a manager with whom you worked recently would be effective in this respect. Your recommendation letters should reaffirm certain qualities that you have already mentioned in your essays.

Be Confident at the MBA Interview:

As a part of your preparation for the interview, recapitulate what you have mentioned your application essay and resume. Try to think if the content of your application essays is giving rise to some questions? ( Seven Commonly Asked Business School Interview Questions ) If so, prepare their answers. It would be better if you ask a person who has already done his MBA from a top B-school to review your application and ask you questions. Apart from this, you can also seek some valuable advice from this person regarding how to act during your interview.

Do not forget, there are chances of a highly technical interview concentrating on case studies, puzzles and general knowledge. You should be prepared enough to face such rounds with confidence. You can go for a mock interview to judge your preparation.

Phone interviews for B-schools are a nightmare to the non-skilled candidates. If you truly want to make it big, then you need to...

In a nutshell, it should be your aim to demonstrate that you are more than just eligible for the program. Let the admission committee understand through your application essay and interview that you are different and better than your competitors.

If you are based in Bangalore and require assistance for your B-school admission preparation, get in touch with study abroad consultants in Bangalore. It will, no doubt, improve your chances of getting admission in a well-acclaimed international business school.

Summary: Read the article to know how to improve your chances of getting admission in an international B-school.

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