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Top Countries to Study in If You Want to Move Abroad Permanently

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Recent statistics claim that a sizeable number of Indian students are traveling abroad for higher education. Thanks to the top foreign universities, they have eased their admission criteria and made arrangements for easy scholarships for international students. However, with so many countries attracting students from different parts of the world, it is natural to get confused about which country would be the best to study in if you have a plan to move abroad permanently. This blog presents before you the advantages that different study destinations around the world provide to the international students. Reading the blog would help you take the right decision.

Countries that are considered to be the Best Study Destinations in the World

Wondering about why study in USA, UK, Canada or any European country? Browse through this blog to know the reasons. Remember, you should choose your study destinations on based on the job opportunities available, possibility of visa extension, chances of permanent residency, cost of living, tuition fees and availability of scholarships.
Here are the countries that are perceived as the best locations for studying abroad:

•    The United States:

Housing some of the most celebrated universities of the world, the United States has always been the favourite overseas study destinations for majority of students around the world. It is a country well known for its excellent education system, availability of scholarships, technology prowess and job opportunities. No doubt that securing a green card is a bit difficult and it takes at least 10 years to get the visa processed, but once you acquire your green card, the USA is one of best locations to settle. That’s why study in USA and enjoy all the benefits that the country offers to the foreign students.

•    The United Kingdom: 

There is no denying of the fact that visa procedure is quite difficult in the United Kingdom. But the country has some of the most esteemed universities of the world. Degree secured from these educational institutions hold great value in the UK as well as all other places around the globe.

•    Canada:

No matter how extreme temperatures Canada has, it is often preferred by international students because of its simple visa rules and easy Permanent Residency system. Its closeness to the USA is another reason why students from all around the world flock to this country. Moreover, the students are flexible enough to plan their degree and choose their subjects. On completing a one-year program, you enjoy one-year visa extension. On completing a 2-year program, you will get 3-year visa extension, get a job. After 6 months of the job, you can apply for Permanent Residency. In certain cases, you can apply for Permanent Residency immediately after joining a job. Within 2 years of the application, you are most likely to become a Canadian citizen.

•    Australia:

In spite of the high education cost, students go to Australia for higher education because on completing their course, they get 2 to 3-year visa extension. On applying for Permanent Residency, approval is secured within 2 years.
Staying in the aforementioned countries would not only fulfill your dreams as a student but will also satisfy you as a professional and resident.
This article discusses the countries worth considering if your long-term goal is to emigrate out of India.

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