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10 Best Study Abroad Destinations for Business Majors

Even a decade or two ago, studying business abroad was only for the adventurous or the downright unusual. Today, it’s ever more commonplace. Why? For the simple reason that employers of all sizes are now looking for or rather fighting over – the truly overseas employee: the one who actually understands how business is done in key markets across the globe. Those who study abroad while they’re young have overseas experience before they’ve even reached the workplace. Already ahead of their competitors, they’ll be multilingual and have a good understanding of different cultures. Why Students Should Consider Studying Abroad? Any student, irrespective of his or her major, should snap up any reasonable opportunities to study abroad, which present themselves. Such experiences instill lessons with far more varied perspectives when compared to the ones touched upon in the classroom. Business classes particularly benefit from a munificent shot of multiculturalism — and one need not concentrate on overseas trade to get something out of it! Top study abroad consultants in Ahmedabad usually recommended these destinations for pursuing a career in business majors:

10 Great Study Abroad Locations for Business Students

  1. Hong Kong, China:

    This Special Administrative Region is hyped as one of the best financial hubs in the world, and business students who share a deep passion for economics can come here to explore the laissez-faire capitalism.
  2. Singapore:

    Believed to one of the four economic juggernauts of Asia, Singapore holds the top rank amidst the Ease of Doing Business Index. It houses one of the world's most dynamic ports besides being the fourth most affluent financial centers anywhere. Business students willing to step into the petroleum, chemical, electronics, biomedical or mechanical engineering industries have great opportunities to explore here.
  3. Taipei, Taiwan:

    One of the "Asian Tigers" of business and commerce, Taiwan is known for its capital- Taipei; a thriving center. Despite the recognition of textiles and electronics, business students with different objectives may easily walk away from a spell in Taipei with some superb lessons and experiences under their belts.
  4. Seoul, South Korea:

    LG, Hyundai, Samsung and Kia (among others) have their headquarters in Seoul. International banks such as JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and others have their headquarters here as well. However, political tensions with North Korea should be considered if you have plans to move to Seoul for higher studies.
  5. London, England, Great Britain:

    London is believed to be the world's 5th largest economy and have the potential to brag about their country as one of the world's three most influential cities for business (others being New York and Tokyo). Business students willing to study here will unavoidably find something pertinent to their studies in London.
  6. Milan, Italy:

    Milan is the central financial and business hub of Italy, and holds the 4th rank among the biggest economy in the European Union. Students and professionals flock here to bask in and hopefully learn from its countless successes in the banking, fashion, design, commerce and trade industries.
  7. Tokyo, Japan:

    In addition to London and New York, this huge metropolis sports the world's biggest urban economy. It serves as Japan's prime economic, business, political and cultural hub. Knowledge of the Japanese language is not mandatory for students interested in pursuing a business major, since the city is set up to put up English-speaking visitors.
  8. Mexico City, Mexico:

    Tagged as the 8th richest city in the world, it leads Latin America in finance as well as industry domain. Considering Mexico's tie-ups with NAFTA, overseas business students willing to learn more about trade and economics should absolutely think about grabbing any study abroad opportunities here.
  9. Dublin, Ireland:

    Ireland's capital and economic center may be declining due to its Celtic Tiger days, dropping from the 2nd highest wages in the EU to the 10th. However, that doesn't imply this cosmopolitan city has little to provide the globetrotting business student. This is a particularly popular study abroad destination for those interested in the IT sector or business world. Yahoo!, Microsoft, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, Facebook, Google and Symantec all have set up their major offices in Dublin.
  10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

    Though more globally renowned for its ambitious architecture experiments, business students know Dubai as a priceless education venue. One of Dubai's most exciting features is its conventional, industry-specific economic free zones. These areas egg on businesses to gather together in some areas in exchange for financial incentives, like tax breaks and minimal regulation. Pick a destination that suits your professional needs and pave a path towards becoming a successful business executive.


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