Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Step Guide to Study Abroad

You know you want to study further and you know you want to do it abroad. After all, nothing tops a fancy degree from a known college in the UK, US, or Australia. What you can’t seem to understand though, is how to go about it. Studying abroad can seem like an intimidating process and can in fact even become one, if not done right.

However if you follow the five simple steps listed below, you are sure to effortlessly reach your target university and complete the course of your dreams.

  1. Consult

    Before you begin applications, it is very important to consult a known and reliable education consultant in Chennai. You may have a lot of friends and relatives who have studied abroad, you may even have excellent research skills but nothing can match the knowledge and expertise of a consultant, especially one who has been in the business for a few years. It might seem like an extra expense but it is in fact an investment for a secure future. A good education consultant in Chennai will not only help you pick the right college as per your aptitude, but will also help you understand procedures, make applications and appear for the requisite tests. Consultants often also help in planning your financials or giving you a heads up on the expected expenses and sometimes even help you connect with other students who are travelling to the same city.
  2. Study

    Most, if not all courses need you to take exams or tests. These tests are sometimes generic or specific depending upon the college. How you score on the test is crucial to your application and acceptance and must not be taken lightly. Sometimes, even a college that is way out of your financial league may accept you on scholarship if you score extraordinarily well. Hence it is important to put in dedicated hours of study and give your best shot. Consult a worthy education consultant first and soon after, begin studying for the course you wish to apply for.

  3. Apply

    Most colleges list their application processes and timelines online. If not, they can be contacted on email. Some colleges require a statement of purpose along with transcripts, while other require proof of work experience. Diligently follow timelines and put together a strong application as that might just be your only chance. A fabulous score along with a well compiled application can get you into even the most prestigious colleges.

  4. Finance

    Although this should be looked at beforehand, the actual process of arranging finances must be done, soon after your applications have been sent. Most Universities will even want to know how you plan to fund your education. While a loan requisition can be shown as proof, make sure you use the time between application and actual admission to ensure the loan has been approved and taken. If not opting for a loan, make sure the financial source you are using is strong enough to not only fund your tuition fee but also your living expenses and a large chunk for unexpected expenses.

  5. Pack

    After you have been accepted and you have made your choice, depending on how long you have, start packing. It’s not a fifteen day vacation, it’s a minimum if six months and you are going to need a lot more things than you can imagine. Moreover, clothes and food might be the least of your worries. Basic things like cooking utensils, medicines, toiletries, books, will need planning and sourcing. Also, you might be allowed only a certain amount of baggage on board so take ample time to figure out how your other things can be sent.

    While this five step guide is only a basic outline of what needs to be done, it is pretty much an accurate representation of the order in which you must do things when applying for studies abroad. It will not only help you be more systematic but will also help you keep timelines in check.


This five step guide will tell you exactly what you need to do and when, if you want to study abroad.

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