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What Is the Difference Between GMAT and GRE | GMAT Versus GRE

what is difference between gmat and GRE

If you want to seek admission in a B-school but don't want to take the GMAT, you may be in luck. Over 1,200 MBA programs now recognize the GRE General Test in lieu of the GMAT for admissions, and that implies more choices for you. Admissions trends are showing that business schools are looking for candidates with more than just a background and experience in business, and that implies that the GMAT is not the sole test in the game anymore. Before you select which test to take, you need to find out what the schools you are applying to, and from there the option entirely depends on you.

What's the difference Between GMAT and GRE?

The GMAT and the GRE are extremely different tests, but they do have one thing in common. No matter which test you go in for, you should prepare if you want to get a score, which admissions officers can’t overlook. Once you choose the test you want to take, your next step should be to select how you want to prepare for that test.

The Selection Process

With the proper guidance you can get into one of your top-choice business schools. Make sure to research the schools you're interested in and find out if they also recognize the GRE.

Which Test Is Suitable For Me?

The best way to decide whether the GMAT or GRE is better suited to your potentials is to get your feet wet with a mock test for each exam. Getting into business school is viable and you don't want to take an actual GRE or GMAT sight unseen. You can make your way to full-length computer-adaptive diagnostic tests for both the GRE and the GMAT.

How will business schools use your GRE score?

Since the GMAT and the GRE are totally different tests, comparing scores is similar to comparing apples to oranges. ETS (people who administer the GRE) and GMAC (the people who administer the GMAT) both use comparison tools so as to put student’s scores into viewpoint, however many MBA programs use the ETS comparison tool as a yardstick. To get the most out of your score and your application, make sure to research your selected schools to see what score ranges they need for admission.

Why take GRE and GMAT?

GRE test is needed for admission to most graduate schools and an increasing number of business schools. On the other hand, the GMAT test is required for admission to most business schools.

Test Structure

The GRE consists of an hour Analytical Writing section - with two essays at 30 minutes each. There is a Verbal Reasoning section, also with two 30-minute parts. There are two 35-minute Quantitative Reasoning sections. And then, you also have a 30-35 minute experimental section, which can be either math or verbal.

On the other hand, the GMAT consists of a 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section, a 30-minute Analytic section with one essay, a 75-minute Quantitative section and a 75- minute Verbal section.

For starters, GRE provides greater elasticity. The GMAT is designed almost solely for business school, while GRE scores are accepted across most graduate programs. And that’s predominantly obliging if you’re looking for a dual degree. In other words, the GRE provides more choices if you’re discarded or change your mind. But then, taking the GRE may also indicate that you’re unsure about your direction. The GMAT is the test, which shows that they’re serious about going to business school. If you are still unsure on what test to go in for, make sure to get in touch with foreign education consultants in Delhi.

Summary: The article speaks about the prominent features of the GRE and GMAT examinations.

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