Thursday, October 13, 2016

5 Student Jobs to Fit Around Studying Abroad | Work While Studying Abroad

Finding a job while you study abroad can be a superb opportunity for you to earn some money, gain certain work experience, make new friends and learn about the labor market of the nation where you are studying. Working while studying will help you uncurl some of the expenses, if not all. They can help you pay a handful of extra bills or fund leisure activities and travel, which would have otherwise been a bit difficult. The top five student jobs that you can take up while studying abroad are:

Working at a Union Bar

One of the most familiar student term-time jobs is bar work. If you are campus based, then you can find out from your student union bar to check if there are any vacancies open. Any night owl out there who is in love with the nightlife buzz will find bar work a fun way to spend those lazy evenings they would have usually been out and about on the town themselves. 

Restaurant jobs

Working in a local or campus restaurant can also help you run your social life with work. Usually those who work in restaurants waiting on tables may expect a tip which is certainly an add-on besides their regular wage. Waiting on tables during term time is a good substitute to bar work for those who are interested in evening work but are not keen on the late hours needed when serving behind a bar 

Retail jobs

If you are looking for a job during the daylight hours, then a job in the retail industry best suits your need. This is indeed a great choice if you love spending your hard earned cash on the high street shops as you may find you are permitted to a discount in your place of work. Working in a local shop assures to keep your evenings free for knuckling down to your studies. You get ample time to focus on your studies, or even party and relax with friends based on your work load and priorities. 


Many students enjoy routine trips to the cinema, theatre and also festivals when the summer comes around. If any of these hobbies are putting a strain on your wallet then stewarding could be a reasonable way of watching the latest film releases on the big screen, or listening to your best bands playing live, while also earning money. The music industry is tricky to break into if this is your favorite career path, hence do not undervalue the significance of the contacts you make from these impermanent student jobs when it comes to pursuing a graduate degree.

Mystery Shopping

For those students who are less keen to take up regular work, can consider becoming a mystery shopper! After all, no other job can fit around you student lifestyle better than mystery shopping. There are only a handful of jobs which will in fact pay you to eat out in a restaurant and order a three course meal.

While an overseas education consultant in Chennai guides you about the top universities abroad, it is your responsibility to look for appropriate student jobs to meet your additional expenses. 

Summary: Want to work while you are studying abroad? Consider these options to maximize your international experience.

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