Friday, July 20, 2018

Building The Right Profile That Gets You Into The Best MBA College in Singapore

If you wish to get into the best MBA College in Singapore, you want to make sure that your profile stands out from the rest of applicants vying for admission in the same college. Here are a few thing s you may want to take into account –
  • Defining an Ideal MBA Applicant
While there is no such thing as the perfect MBA applicant, it is good to know that admission committee members in the best MBA colleges in Singapore are essentially looking for those skills and traits that set a candidate apart from the rest. The fact of the matter is that you need to know how to package and sell these traits and skills. The most prepared applicants are the ones who get a head start and start preparing for their admissions right from the time they finish their undergraduate programs. Every career decision you make then on will come together and influence your chances of getting into the right MBA program. Students who focus their energies on profile building early on tend to get into the better b-schools around the world.
  • Have a Life Beyond Work and Study
Topping your class or being paid the highest salary among your peers aren’t really the only factors that determine your prospects when getting into a b-school. You want to show that you have passions, interests and hobbies beyond your work and education by showing your involvement in various leadership seminars, highlighting your global exposure, participating in various sporting or cultural activities and showcasing your personality outside of a formal environment. Ask yourself this – what do you like to do for fun? Identify you interests and passions and showcase to the admissions committee how this helps you build your current character.
  • Your Leadership Roles
The activities you talk about should highlight more than just your basic involvement. Find ways to take up more leadership roles. For instance, if you are volunteering with a not-for-profit organization, work hard to organize fundraising events, if you are a part of a sports team, find ways to show your contribution and involvement there. Find ways to take on activities that are different from the conventional.
  • Your Communication Skills
Hone your ability to verbally and orally communicate. Many candidates who may be smart enough but have a weak hold on the English language may lose out on an opportunity purely because of their lack of communication skills. Spend your time to find ways to put your thoughts across in simple English. Essays and interviews are critical to your admission prospects since these are the modes through which your personality is often judged. Finally, you need to be extremely clear about what your goals are after you have completed your MBA. Your essays and verbal interactions with various members of the admission committee should highlight a focus and direction. This further helps make your case stronger as a potential applicant for any b-school.

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