Friday, July 20, 2018

Top Study Abroad Mistakes That You Should Avoid

logo The time that you will spend abroad for your education is probably the best time you will have in your academic life. However, if this is your first and only international academic experience, you want to make sure that you make the most of it by avoiding the following rookie mistakes during your time here –
  • Choosing not to Stay in Dorms or Youth Hostels
If this is the first time you are travelling abroad, the thought of staying in a dorm or a youth hostel may seem extremely daunting. In reality, not only will this option allow you to save some money, but it will also open doors for you to meet a whole range of people from all over the world.
  • Partying your Semester Away
The new found freedom of living by your self can result in you getting carried away with all the partying that is possible when abroad. While it may be a good thing to get out and socialize during the first few weeks of your time abroad, it is also important that you use your best judgement to pace your outings. Many Australia education consultants end up counselling potential students and their parents exactly on this point. The core focus of your study abroad experience should be to expose yourself to new cultures and a new form of education without having to nurse a hangover every morning.
  • Choosing Not to Indulge
Many students, out of culture shock, or lack of confidence choose to avoid local experiences through food, music and other elements that make an integral part of everyday life in the new country. Instead of spending your time abroad looking for places that serve your traditional food, explore the local culture in depth.
  • Turning up with No Idea about What to Do Next
The internet age makes it easier for students moving to new countries to acclimatize themselves to the local way of life much before they arrive. Speak to a few existing students about how to navigate your way through the new city and understand the local transportation system well in advance. Even if you plan on taking weekend trips around your university town and go exploring, make sure you have a plan and know how to get your way around. Or else, you will come back with absolutely no experiences to show.
  • Choosing not to Splurge
While you want to budget your stay abroad, you do not want to miss out on critical experiences that make your study abroad experience more fulfilling. Once every few months, make it a point to splurge on an experience that allows you to make some wonderful memories with your new found friends. Finally, many Australia education consultants find that Indian students tend to stay wary of locals abroad and move in groups of other Indians that they relate with the most. The idea of studying abroad is to open your mind and delve into other cultures. Make an effort to get to know the locals as well as students from other parts of the world to truly enjoy your experience.

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