Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Common Problems Faced By International Students in Australia

Any student who goes abroad to study will inevitably face various kinds of difficulties adjusting to the new place, new people, or a new culture. That said, Australia, the land of coral reefs, is a great place for higher studies. Besides the esteemed colleges and universities and quality career prospects, the country is beautiful with a host of options available to international students. 
If you talk to a higher education consultant Coimbatore students aspiring to study in Australia you will find that the land is peaceful and friendly. However, sometimes students may land in trouble if they fail to follow rules or laws, or choose a college half-heartedly.

Below we list some common problems faced by international students in Australia: 

* Language Fatigue
Most international students, especially those from Asia, aren't used to speaking English all the time, which they have to in Australia. This may result in language fatigue for some students. However, this can be avoided by trying to make friends with students from your country so you can speak in your native language among yourselves.

* Study Shock
The education pattern in Australia is different from other countries. Here, students don't learn by rote. Instead, they read and research to gather information before working on a project. Students here also mostly work individually, which may seem rude or selfish to foreign students.

* Legal Troubles
Australia is known to be very strict with rules and regulations. Drink driving, illegal possession or consumptions of drugs, working illegally, expired visa, etc. can cause a lot of legal hassles for a student who's unfamiliar with the new country. Being careful and on your best behavior reduces such possibilities.

* Deportation
Although this happens in very rare cases, breaking rules of very serious kind can result in the deportation of the student. This means the student will lose all fees already paid for the course, insurance, living costs, etc. When talking to a higher education consultant Coimbatore students must learn about the rules and regulations of Australia and the obligations of the students.

* Changing the Course
It might become a problem if you want to change a course after being admitted to it. This happens especially when students choose a course based on the cost alone. Although changing courses is allowed in some cases, the immigration department states there has to be a solid reason. This often results in breach of contract and the student may not have the fees refunded. Choosing a course with care doesn't cause such problems.

* Finding a Job
Although Australia has plenty of jobs, it can take some time to find a proper job after finishing a course. Since a lot of part time jobs aren’t available for foreign students, it is better to have extra money handy or have some kind of financial assistance to see you through until you get a job.

Life in Australia can be peaceful and safe no matter which place or course you choose. Just following the rules and taking a little care will ensure you have a good time in the country.

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