Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Critical Requirements to Fulfill When Applying for an International MBA

The most frequently asked question when considering an international MBA program is: What are the requirements that one needs to fulfill? When talking to MBA admission consultants, Hyderabad students often find out that although the requirements for an international MBA are quite different from that of their Indian counterparts, there are also lots of similarities, irrespective of the country of your choice.

Below we discuss the academic requirements, work experience, and other details related to an international MBA course:

Academic Requirements
The minimum qualifying academic requirements is a bachelor's degree in any field. This could be an engineering degree like a Btech or BE, or a general degree like a Bsc, Bcom or BA. A postgraduate degree like an MSc or a PhD is also welcome. Many students, who go abroad for work, take up an MBA course after a few years' of work experience.

Although a full-time degree from a reputed university is most preferred, many B-schools also consider correspondence or distance education. As primary evidence, you have to submit your academic credentials that include your semester-wise marksheets.

Work experience
This is where international MBA programs differ from Indian programs. While for a two year MBA course in India students can do without work experience, for an MBA abroad, B-schools seek substantial experiential training from students. Since MBA programs abroad are more industry oriented, applicants are expected to not only have technical skills that can be achieved in junior roles, but also managerial skills, leadership training, team leading and coordination. Often, work experience is given more importance than academic qualifications. Instances where B-schools have given consideration to exceptional applicants without any experience are very rare.

Application Requirements
An MBA application is not a simple one-pager. It is a lot more elaborate and can seem daunting to first-timers. The application usually consists of three parts:
General information: This is where you have to fill in your objective data, like name, age, experience, etc. Some B-schools may ask for a separate résumé.

MBA essay: This is where you have to elaborate on your experience so far, your reasons for an MBA, your career vision, your strengths and weaknesses, etc. It may have a word limit of 200-400 words, or it may be open-ended. By taking tips and suggestions from MBA admission consultants Hyderabad students can write a winning MBA essay.

Recommendations: A very important part of the application is recommendations. They can be from colleagues, supervisors, managers who you've worked with. Since each B-school has its own recommendation format, you cannot send a single recommendation letter to every institute. It is also very vital to have an excellent score in the entrance tests.

Interview: Interviews are generally by invitation only. If the admissions committee finds you eligible for the final step after taking all the above into consideration, you will be invited for the interview.
The application process for an international MBA may seem challenging but with the help of MBA admission consultants, Hyderabad students and MBA aspirants can successfully make the cut and get selected in their dream B-school.

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