Thursday, June 18, 2015

Essential Guide to Successfully Applying in Canadian Colleges of your Choice

With reputed universities, affordable costs, and friendly ambience, Canada is a wonderful place to live and study in. Most universities in Canada are publicly funded and accredited, ensuring the highest standards of quality in education. In addition, when you talk to study abroad consultants in Ahmedabad, you will find that the application process for Canadian universities is simpler than in other countries. Most application procedures take less than an hour to complete.

However, since there are more than a hundred universities in the country, some procedures might vary from one institution to another. But the general guidelines remain the same for every university. Follow the given tips to apply successfully to any Canadian university in a hassle-free manner.

Check the Requirements for Each Institute
In Canada, because there is no central clearing house and educational institutes are controlled by each province, students have to apply to each institute separately. While most process remains the same throughout all institutes, some application requirements may vary. However, there are exceptions, like the University of Ontario, where you can apply to multiple institutes at once. Make sure you understand all the information and requirements before submitting your application.

Hassle-free Online Application
For all Canadian universities, applications can be completed and submitted online, thereby taking less time and hassle. The procedure with most universities is simple enough, taking no more thirty minutes to an hour to complete. The most important requirements are biographical information, educational history, and your choice of program. Other information like test scores, essays, or references are usually not required, but there may be exceptions with some universities, so students need to find out before applying.

Check the Deadline and Start Date
Application deadlines in Canada are usually later than that in other countries. Applications mostly start around October and Continue till June or July, with start dates around September. Some universities also have different start dates to make it easy for students from other countries. You could also talk to your study abroad consultant in Ahmedabad for more information regarding application dates and patterns of each university.

Types of Applications
There are basically two different types of application procedures in Canada: One is rolling admission, where your application is evaluated as and when it is received, in most cases an admission decision can even be made in less than a week. The other is competitive admission, where applications will not be evaluated until the deadline is reached. Make sure you figure out from beforehand what is the case with your chosen university or institute.

Check Other Requirements for Enrollment
International students need a study permit for any course more than four months. Students would also need to maintain a certain academic average and graduate from high school with decent scores to obtain full admission in any university. Make sure to read your admission letter carefully for other terms and conditions that might not be so transparent.

Canadian universities rank amongst the best in the world. The academic standards are highly regarded all across the globe and a degree from a Canadian university will get you a great start in your career.

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