Friday, August 28, 2015

Top Questions to ask at an Education Fair

Indian students who want to study abroad need to do extensive research and gather all critical details before the application process begins. An ideal place where this is possible is an education fair where students get an opportunity to talk to the college representatives and have a look at the vast range of options for higher studies in foreign universities. The delegates can enlighten students on all aspects including scholarships, application process, career prospects and more.

If you desire to pursue higher education with a top foreign university, then make sure to visit a prominent education fair. This can give you useful insights into the education system of the particular country and the career opportunities that are likely to emerge after your course completes. So, when you meet delegates, consider asking some important questions to gain crucial knowledge. To help you with questions that can add value to your interactions, some suggestions are provided below.

Asking All the Questions you need 
Your questions can be about academic programs, accreditations, activities, admission process, costs, financial aids, campus, counseling, alumni, faculty and so on.

The List of Programs

While talking about academic programs, you can ask about the types of degrees including majors, minors and electives that are offered in the college and also, about the main courses that one needs to do in freshmen year. Find out which program is well recognized. Ask if they run any special programs also such as study abroad, off-campus study, and joint programs in collaboration with nearby college. Meanwhile, also try to enquire about the study pressure.

It’s crucial to know if the college is accredited or has applied for accreditation. Who is the accreditation authority?

Admission Requirements and Eligibility 
You need to be well informed of the admission requirement of the college. Hence, enquire which test scores they consider - SAT, ACT, high school GPA, etc. You can also gather from them if there is any need for audition, test, portfolio and so on.  Having information on admission deadline and application fee is also necessary. So take note of these as well.

Living Costs 
Since education and living costs also contribute hugely to the decision of taking up a course in foreign university, you can seek answers about tuition fee, room and meal charges, etc. Find out if the college allows any special payment policy. Along this line, you can question about the financial aid program of the college and the number of students who can be eligible for the same. Asking about on or off campus placements by college can also be a good idea.

In addition, you can look for details on activities that students can join. These can be a dance, drama, or debate club, writing for student magazine, a musical band, or organizations such as ethnic, political, and more. It will be useful to know if the college has provisions for psychological or personal advisors, career and financial counselors, placement counselors, etc. At the same time, you can also quiz the person on the size of the faculty and their academic achievements.

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